Automatic driving lessons are popular with learners who find it difficult to operate a clutch & gears or simply want to progress more quickly. However, they can be equally beneficial for people who have physical limitations.

How do you start an automatic car?

As with manual lessons, you will need to familiarise yourself with the various car controls, including hand and foot controls as well as essential dashboard gauges and warning lights. Your instructor will fully guide you on this at the beginning of your lessons and then gradually step away from full guidance, only using prompts where necessary.

One of the biggest advantages to learning to drive in an automatic is that you don’t need to worry about the clutch pedal which can be stressful for new learner drivers. This means you won’t have to concentrate on changing gears or work out when it is time to change gear which will free up your mind and allow you to better take in what’s going on around you on the road.

The lack of the clutch pedal also removes those dreaded hill starts which can be challenging for manual learners. It is also easier to pull away from junctions and traffic lights as you won’t have to fear stalling or bunny-hopping. This will increase your confidence behind the wheel, which is crucial for acing your driving test. It will also help you to answer your evaluator’s on-the-spot questions calmly and confidently. This will give you a much greater chance of passing your test first time!

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