custom bike patchesCustom bike patches are a unique element of biker culture. Typically found on the back of vests, they’re worn to show membership to a club and are rich with meaning and tradition. Whether embroidered, dye sublimated or leather, they’re a great way to add an edge to your biker jacket or vest. Moreover, they can also be used to make a statement about one’s personality and identity.

Usually, a custom patch would depict a particular biker club and its members. They’re a form of identity and also represent the club’s ideology, rules and regulations. A typical biker patch would feature a skull, a flame or an image of the club’s home base. Biker patches can also be a great way to commemorate the death of someone. Those who don’t belong to a biker club can wear custom patches as well. Nevertheless, they should follow certain etiquette and not use logos, colors or images that are associated with a specific motorcycle club, as it could lead to serious repercussions.

Ride in Style: Customizing Motorcycle Patches

A 1% patch, for example, indicates that the individual is a member of an outlaw motorcycle club. These clubs are not sanctioned by the AMA and operate outside the law. During the Hollister riot, these clubs played a major role and caused severe damage. This led to the infamous term 1%er. These individuals should strictly adhere to the etiquette and not be seen wearing the patch of a 1% club as it may result in severe consequences.

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