deep cycle battery solar

Deep Cycle Battery Solar

The right deep cycle batteries can make all the difference when it comes to storing clean electricity. Whether you live in a home off-grid or just want to have backup power for a grid-tied system, solar batteries are an essential piece of any system. Find out 12 volt deep cycle battery solar |

Batteries come in several styles, and a few types have special features that are more suited to solar applications than others. Some of the most popular types include flooded lead-acid, sealed lead-acid and lithium.

How to choose a deep cycle battery:

The first step in selecting a battery is to figure out the size you need. This is done by calculating the total amp-hours (AH) of your battery bank, as well as the voltage and wattage of your solar panels.

Amp hours are measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh), and you will want a battery with a high capacity and high depth of discharge rating. Round-trip efficiency is another important factor.

The Economics of Deep Cycle Battery Solar: How to Calculate Your Return on Investment

How to size a deep cycle battery for solar:

A good rule of thumb is that you need to add the amp-hour rating of your charger to the amp-hours of your battery bank, for example a 300 watt solar panel system would deliver 25 amps, so your battery bank should have at least 100Ah.

How to calculate charging times:

Charging times will vary depending on sunlight, temperature and the type of battery. However, a general rule of thumb is that it will take four hours to charge a 12v 100Ah battery from three 100W solar panels.

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