Feminine Health

Feminine Health is an important area of research. It spans many different areas of science, from reproductive health and fertility, to mental health, aging and chronic diseases like cancer. URL https://getflowerpower.com

The study of women’s health is a vital part of the NIH research portfolio and has grown beyond its roots in reproductive health. It encompasses a wide range of scientific investigations, from basic research and laboratory studies to clinical trials and genetics.

Researchers are uncovering the key roles that sex (being male or female) and gender identity play in disease progression and the development of health-related conditions, as well as in healthy lifestyles and behaviors. These findings have the potential to advance personalized medicine for men and women across the world.

How to Choose the Right Lubricant for Your Feminine Health

A woman’s health is an important determinant of the health of their family and society. However, for too long the women’s health agenda has focused solely on reproductive and gynecological health. This has led to a gap in healthcare, as well as the lack of effective policies and interventions to address the full spectrum of women’s health.

The global agenda for women’s health needs to be broadened and redefined. It must prioritise non-communicable diseases (NCDs), ensure systematic sex-disaggregated collection, analyses and use of health data, and promote a life-course approach to addressing sexual and reproductive health issues and NCDs. Moreover, it must recognise that social factors are critical to women’s and girls’ health and support gender equality and women’s empowerment.

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