Whether you’re in the funny military flags , or a supporter of military members and veterans, flags are an important symbol for our country. Displaying a military flag isn’t as simple as throwing one up on your porch, though. There are many rules and protocols that must be followed when displaying these symbols of pride.

A large selection of military and Army flags including Air Force, Army Strong, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Semper Fi, Navy, POW-MIA, Armed Forces and more in various sizes including garden, windsocks, spinners, car, and banners. Also includes retired and veteran flags.

Drive by a veteran’s house and odds are high that you will see Old Glory waving proudly on the porch. It is a great way to show your appreciation and patriotism to those that have served this country and are currently serving on active duty. However, there are a lot of other unique flags that are flying as well.

Buttweiser Flag: A Playful Twist on Patriotic Symbols

A Blue Star Banner is hung in the window of a home to signify that a family member is deployed in wartime. These flags can have anywhere from one to five blue stars sewn on and when a service member dies while in the military, the highest blue star is changed to gold and aligned with the other blue stars.

There are also state flags that are flown to symbolize things in the state. The flag of Iowa, for example, is designed to represent the fact that the state was once a part of France’s colonial territory. Then there is the Colorado flag, which uses the red, white and blue of the American flag but adds a yellow disc to signify that it is home to the Rocky Mountains.

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