Impaired Driving Lawyer – Why You Should Choose Alan Pearse

An impaired driving conviction is serious business. A criminal record can affect your future employment, limit travel and immigration opportunities and result in higher insurance premiums.

The law around impaired driving is complex and constantly changing. When you face an impaired driving charge, it’s important to work with an impaired driving lawyer calgary who has a proven track record of successfully defending those accused. At Roulston Urquhart, we remain up to date with all recent developments in this area of the law and are fully prepared to protect your rights when you are facing drunk driver or refusing to blow a charge.

The Legal Shield: How an Impaired Driving Lawyer in Calgary Can Assist You

There are many ways to defend a DUI charge. Some of the most common include challenging roadside sobriety tests or demanding the destruction of blood, urine or bodily fluid samples. Depending on your specific circumstances, you may be able to raise an argument based on involuntary intoxication, the defence of necessity or applications under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Alan Pearse is the author of A Guide to Breathalyzer Certificates in Canada published by Canada Law Book and routinely lectures to lawyers and students on DUI defences across the country. He has defended thousands of impaired driving and other alcohol or drug-related traffic offences since 2000, and a large percentage of his practice is 100% DUI litigation (aside from a small amount of pro bono work). He knows how technical these types of cases can become and will never recommend you hire him if he believes you don’t have a good workable defence.

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