Is Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Right For Your Home?

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Rather than completely replacing kitchen cabinets, some homeowners opt to “reface” their existing ones by attaching new wood or laminate veneer over the existing cabinet doors and drawer fronts. This is a cost-effective way to significantly improve the look of your home without paying for a full kitchen remodel.

In addition, refacing leaves the existing cabinet boxes in place, which is better for the environment than completely replacing them and requires less raw materials to build. It also keeps old cabinet boxes out of landfills, prevents the wasteful destruction of healthy trees and saves on energy used to manufacture new cabinet box material. URL

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Refacing kits typically contain everything you need to reface your cabinets, including wood veneers and application materials. Alternatively, you can strip and refinish the cabinet boxes to create your own custom finish. This is a more labor-intensive option, but one that can give you the best results and allows you to match your new doors and drawer fronts to your countertops and kitchen table.

However, refacing is not an ideal option for all homes. If your cabinet layout or storage needs aren’t working for you, refacing will only change their appearance and not address those issues. For example, if you need more storage space, adding a new island or a wine rack would be more effective than refacing your cabinets. Moreover, if your cabinet boxes are outdated or damaged, refacing them will only cover up the problem and may lead to future problems down the road.

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