BestFlag provides the perfect canvas to display your brand message, grabbing the attention of passersby at trade shows and other events. Our stretch fabric tablecloths are designed aesthetically to perfection and feature high-quality full-color imprints that look vibrant throughout your event. Our dye-sublimation printing method ensures that your logo and graphics stay crisp and clear, even when your custom-branded spandex cover is used repeatedly for recurring events.

Perfect Fit, Perfect Look: Stretch Table Covers for Professional Events

Our spandex table covers are available in a variety of colors to match the theme for your event, from classic shades to neon hues. They fit snugly on rectangular tables for a sleek and polished appearance. They also feature reinforced cups sewn into the corners to give a contoured appearance. This feature helps to prevent the cloth from bunching up or falling down, which eliminates the possibility of tripping your guests — an important safety consideration when pathways become crowded at a busy expo.

We offer three-sided and four-sided table covers to accommodate different table layouts. A four-sided cover fits all the way to the back of the table, giving you the most surface area for branding. A three-sided cover leaves the back of the table open to create storage space for marketing materials or boxes that you want to keep out of sight.

You can easily personalize your stretch table cover using our online design tool to incorporate a wide range of fonts, colors, and images. For a more simple look, you can choose a front panel printed spandex cover that features your logo, brand name, or artwork/images on only the front of your display table.

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