The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Temp Agency

For employees, temp agencies are a good way to get a job without having to go through the interview process with an employer. Depending on the size of the agency and their pool of workers, the application process can be as simple as filling out an information sheet and attending an interview. The recruiter will ask you questions about your strengths, weaknesses and employment history, just as if they were interviewing you for a job directly. Most agencies also require a background check and 2-3 references.

How to Maximize Your Experience with a Temporary Workers Agency

Temp agencies provide jobs for workers in many different fields. Some are general specialists like computer help deck workers or data entry specialist while others cater to a very specific niche, such as natural gas pipeline safety engineers or legal compliance auditors. Many of these more specialized agencies act more like recruitment companies and will find candidates with the right education, experience and skills to meet their clients’ needs.

The advantage for the company using the temp agency is that they do not have to deal with the workers, just the recruiting and hiring process. This can be a very time saving option for the company. The disadvantage is that they do not have access to the full pool of workers available through the agency and they will need to rely on the recruiter’s expertise and judgement when selecting workers for the position.

It is also important for the company to be clear on the obligations of both the staffing agency and the “host” company, in terms of ensuring a safe working environment for temp workers. This can be accomplished by drafting a contract between the two parties that clearly details their respective responsibilities with respect to OSHA standards.

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