The Fire Door Shutter Protects Building Occupants From Smoke and Flames

The fire door shutter protects building occupants from smoke and flames by closing automatically during a fire and helping secure egress points and wall openings. They come in different levels of protection and are often rated for the amount of time they can resist a fire. These varying levels are based on how much of the door is made of fire-resistant materials.

Our insulated rolling fire doors boost energy efficiency and provide thermal stability while securing wall openings. This helps control temperatures and saves you money on heating and cooling costs. They are also easy to operate and are fully assembled at the factory, eliminating the need for field assembly and installation.

Choosing the Right Fire Door Shutter: Factors to Consider

Rolling counter shutters are designed with a curtain, hood, guides, and counterbalance to provide fire resistance in small to large openings. They are available in a wide range of sizes and UL labels.

The fire curtain of a fire shutter is comprised of curved steel laths that are interlocked together and cold-roll formed. They are then coated with a high-quality powder finish. The hood and barrels are made of galvanized steel plates, and their size varies depending on the shutter’s width and height.

Each unit includes a fusible link that releases to close the curtain when a temperature of 165 degrees is reached. The link can be activated by smoke and heat detectors or by a building’s alarm system. Additionally, there is a viscous speed governor that can be triggered by a signal to slow the rate at which the doors move.

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